Egg coffee anyone?!

P1010767As inspiration for visiting Vietnam came from Simon Reeve and his BBC documentary on the country’s coffee industry, trying some of the different drinks on offer was something I was looking forward to during the trip. Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee, employing 2.6 million people, and helped transform the economy following the end of the war in 1975. Vietnam is known for its unique weasel coffee, where the beans are passed through a civet cat and then roasted – I didn’t get the opportunity to try any of this (which I’m secretly quite glad about!) but there were a couple of other really good coffees that I wish were available in the UK!

After arriving in Nha Trang on the overnight train at 4am after approximately an hour’s sleep, any form of caffeine would have been welcomed. As we couldn’t check in to our hotel that early, myself and a couple of others joined our guide at a street stall for a type of coffee known as ca phe sua da; this is a very strong espresso style coffee poured over ice and a layer of condensed milk. Once stirred, it is very sweet and similar in taste to a mocha – after a couple of these we were definitely awake!

The other type of speciality coffee we tried was ca phe trung, or egg coffee. This was served in a small café in Hanoi mainly used by locals; the place was split level and filled with small wooden tables and stools with a tiny kitchen at the back. Ca phe trung consists of strong coffee topped with sugar and whipped egg whites, and was served in a glass placed in a bowl of hot water (pictured). It’s hard to describe exactly what it tasted like, but even though it sounds a bit wrong it really did taste nice! We went back the next day for more.

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