Travel Wish List

P1020168(2)January and February are the months when many people make lists of all the destinations they’d like to travel to in the year ahead, so I here are a few of mine. Have to be realistic though- it’ll definitely take more than a year to get to all of these!

1.       Cuba

Much has been written in the media recently about the changing face of Cuba; the communist grip has been loosened and more and more Cubans are embracing capitalism. With this comes the relaxing of American trade laws, and it is expected that eventually global companies will move into the country. With this in mind, many travellers are hoping to experience it sooner rather than later, through fear that traditional Cuban culture will be lost.

2.      Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is a much hyped destination for 2013 due to it being in a similar political situation to Cuba. Burma is has been under military control since 1962, and with this came the suspension of trade and visits by foreign nationals. Power is now gradually being handed back to the government, and improved international relations mean that tourists are now being encouraged to experience the traditional culture of this Southeast Asian country.

3.       Brazil

Michael Palin’s recent documentary series on Brazil highlighted how large and diverse this country is. Its European influences are prevalent in the South, while the north is home to several indigenous tribes. Beach culture reigns along the coast, with the carnivals and laid back atmosphere of Rio drawing in the tourists.

4.       Peru/Bolivia

With South America becoming much more accessible in recent years due to reduced safety fears and an increasing number of flights, tour operators now run frequent trips across the continent. The ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru, and the salt plains of the Bolivian Salar de Uyuni are both must-see destinations.

5.       Japan

With ultra-modern cities and traditional beliefs, Japan is a combination of the old and new. The country is a world leader in new technology and innovation, and major cities such as Tokyo reflect this in their design and frenetic pace. This fuses with the traditional shrines and temples of the ancient Japanese beliefs.

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